Why use 1-2 Tree Moving and Transplanting on your next project?

1-2 Tree Moving and Transplanting, Inc. is based in Dayton, MN and serves the Northwest Metro and the Minneapolis area. We specialize in the installation or relocation of large trees. Using an 80 inch tree spade, our experienced crew can move trees with trunks up to eight inches in diameter and up to 25 feet in height.

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1-2 Tree Moving and Transplanting

1-2 Tree Moving and Transplanting, Inc. is owned and operated by Tom Sanders and based out of Dayton, MN.

Tom is a veteran and son of a forest service supervisor with over 15 years of experience in residential and commercial moving and planting of trees.

1-2 Tree covers the Northwest Metro and Minneapolis areas. We can help with the moving and planting of trees at homes and businesses. We have done large and small homes, estate work as well as projects for Golf Courses, Hotels, Theme Parks, Municipalities, Sports Venues, Highways, Colleges, Schools and more.

Count on 1-2 Tree Moving and Transplanting using our qualified experienced and trained staff to design, plan, and carefully handle all of the work we do on your property.



The same considerations should be made when considering relocation of a tree as planting of a tree. Other things to think about is if there is ample space for a large and heavy truck to maneuver around the tree. Underground utilities are a major concern therefore all electric, gas, water and phone sources are located before moving can occur.

Thinking of relocating a tree

Make sure you choose a spot that is far enough away from standing structures such as a house, shed, garage or driveway. Trees should be given ample space to grow to their full height and should not be planted too close to each other. Consider how much shade and water your tree will receive throughout the seasons.

Thinking of Planting a tree

Moving, relocating, and planting trees on your property
can offer 3 great benefits


Improve the overall look of your home by planting trees that are already mature.


Provide shade and/or privacy for a new deck or pool area.


Increase resale value and curb appeal or accent a new landscaping project.

Contact Tom today to see how 1-2 Tree Moving and
Transplanting can help with your tree work.


Our Customers Say

The Autumn Blaze maple tree you planted provides the perfect amount of shade for our pool side patio!



Our daughter’s memorial tree you transplanted to our new home is doing great. Thank you, Tom!



The large white pine row does a great job blocking our home from the county road behind us.



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