Tree Selection

What Tree Should I Select for My Property?

Trees used in Minnesota landscapes must be able to survive Minnesota’s low winter temperatures and to grow and thrive in the subsequent growing season. In order to rate the hardiness of landscape plants, the United States Department of Agriculture developed a Plant Hardiness Zone Map which shows the average annual minimum temperatures across different areas of the United States.

A look at Minnesota’s map shows that plants must be hardy to Zone 3, 4, or 5 depending on where they grow in the state. Cold hardiness information can be found on labels attached to plants for sale in nursery centers, in woody plant references, and on trusted websites.

Recommended Trees for the Twin Cities Metro Area

The Recommended Trees series (University of Minnesota) recognizes that Minnesota is an ecologically diverse state. The state is divided into six major ecological regions, each with characteristic soils, precipitation patterns, topography, and natural vegetation.  The Twin Cities is in the Southeast region.

Selecting the trees that will survive and grow into healthy urban forests requires a thorough analysis of the planting site and a careful match of the trees to that environment.  Please use the external links below to help pick the best tree for your area.